My photography

I am a photographer since 25 years or so. My photography is all about expression of my own view of the world. The final artwork has to always show the way I viewed the scene. The camera is very objective – the mind is not.

I take panoramas of landscapes, views of forests, experimental lighting, coast lines, small details, portraits and more. I found photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson (France) and Sune Jonsson (Sweden) truly inspirational in the portraits of people in their environment.

My favorite places include, Sweden where I live, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Alaska and more places with dramatic coast lines, forests or similar nature. Common to all is a sense of mystery and exiting lighting. The famous painter Marcus Larson (Sweden) created art out of nature elements he found. It is impossible to take photographs matching his work.

I use stitching techniques for panoramas and conventional processing for normal formats. I use 35mm DSLR with premium lenses for the best quality in all my work.

My prints are crafted using high quality art papers from leading paper vendors. The durability of the prints is excellent. Most important is my customers who purchase a quality photograph that will last for a very long time.

A photograph on your best living room wall should last a very long time. Hopefully one or two photographs on my site will give you this lasting experience.

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