2013Art event Konstrundan, Åtvidaberg, May 9-11.
2012Art event Konstrundan, Åtvidaberg, May 17-19.
2012Landscape Tema Ek, Linköping.
2011Art event Konstrundan, Åtvidaberg, June 2-5.
2010FO-KO at PUB in Stockholm 28/10 to 3/11.
2010Art event "Konstrundan", Åtvidaberg.
2009Linköping Library; collaboration with Linköping photograhic society.
2009Art event "Konstrundan", Åtvidaberg.
2008Art event "Konstrundan", Åtvidaberg.
2008ELMIA Photographic exhibition; panoramic photographs from Scotland and Sweden.
2007Art event "Konstrundan", Åtvidaberg.
2007ELMIA Photographic exhibition; collaboration with South-Eastern photo societies of Sweden.
2006Art event "Konstrundan", Åtvidaberg.
1999Slideshow of Johan E. Thorin photographs; automatic analog back-projection in collaboration with Atvidaberg Photographic Society.
1998Svensrum, Åtvidaberg. Dark photographs.

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