Mountains of Jämtland

Lemmings of Sweden © C Andersson

A recent travel to the north of Sweden, or actually to the middle of Sweden, became a new starting point for my photography. The open landscape, the small rivers, the fresh air and the yellow autumn colours is something special. Small birch trees in the morning light are wonderful and the magnificent views from the mountains are really breathtaking.

The photographs from this travel will be published later. Most of them are panoramic and requires a lot of processing due to weather conditions that were not always the best. The latest discussions have been quite intense in Sweden about manipulations to photographs and maybe also post-processing. Just to let you know that photographs have been manipulated at all times – cropping, contrast, light, colour changes, local enhancements and even cloning of objects into the image or away from the image.

I do all of these things to my photographs – but it has to be perfect – just as I want it to be. That is what an artist has to do – make it ones own work! And more important – let the audience know the truth about the photograph creation process.


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