Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and patience to capture a view. This travel in the west of Scotland was meant to be easy, just go there in the autumn and take a few shots. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Along the coast, the wind was so strong that it was very difficult to keep the camera steady. At other locations and times of the day, the rain was falling horisontally, kind of. I had to improvise …

The horrifying discovery on the very first day could have ruined it all. My panorama head had one piece missing. The sliding plate for my camera was left at home. The very careful setup of the nodal points for each lens was wasted and I had to find another solution. I was lucky, after all, the missing piece was not essential … and I could recapture the nodal setup.

Some of the photographs in this gallery have been captured using the panorama head. The Glencoe is one example with a total resolution of more than 80MP in a wide angle of 120 degrees. This relates to something like a 13 mm lens on a normal 24×36 sensor.

The gallery thumbnails are of square format showing just a piece of the photograph. Click on each thumbnail to see the whole photograph.

Selected photographs are available for purchase in standard sizes. Some of them are also featured as large Fine Art Prints. See the Fine Art menu.

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